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A lip balm quote:


From “Nick and Norah’s infinite Playlist” by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan:
“There’s no fucking way this Nick guy is straight. As if to prove my suspicion, Nick takes some Chapstick from his jeans pocket and rubs it on his lips. I’m a Blistex whore myself, so it’s not the Chapstick that alerts me; it’s the cherry flavour.” (page 147)

Hello fellow lip balm lovers!


I am collecting lip balm for about ten years now, it started innocently enough with one or two in the handbag or on the desk, but when some fun flavours like strawberry, caramel etc came out and the available range became larger more and more lip balms found their way into my designated lip balm bowl, the bowl became larger…  at one point the balms wandered into jars (like in a candy shop) and it became a habit of getting a nice balm now and then.

My latest counting came up with the slightly scary figure of 692 (a bit over 700 by now though.) So maybe there are some people out there taking an interest in lip balm as well and like to have a look at my collection. So bit by bit, as time allows I will add pictures of my various balms here.